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Networking and Support



GNU/Linux offers a comprehensive range of solutions  for extremely large variety of environments such as:

  • Customers in low-cost applications such as education where they can reuse old PCs because the demand for resources from the linux client is very low.
  • Application development environment: C, C + +, PHP, Perl, Java.
  • Network integration with Windows: Samba

As added benefits we have:

  • The possibility of adapting the user environment through a preset in which applications are installed that are needed to set it up.
  • Robustness and security of networking, both in local area networks (LAN) and Internet.
  • Possibility of creating tunnels or virtual private network (VPN) for secure remote access to corporate network.
  • Gateway to the creation of Voice over IP networks.
  • Security: Proxy, Firewalls, VPNs.

Technical Support

Services offered include:

IT Support:
There is a growing number of networked computers in institutions such as schools as well as the size and complexity of the network itself. It is therefore necessary external assistance to support the various problems that exist in these centers:

  • Virus: cleaning viruses and malware from the internet. Defining a security policy that makes Internet surfing as safe as possible for all.
  • Configuration of network equipment, access to shared resources, network printers and internet.
  • Troubleshooting hardware or defective components such as memory upgrades.

Progressive migration to an open environment:
We provide support for the migration to open environments: This is a clear trend in recent years that has a strong institutional support through agencies such as mancomun.

Help for users:
We provide guidance for users in their first steps with a new environment such as Linux until they find the equivalents of existing applications in windows. It goes in a step by step way to help users in a much more rich and varied environment without losing sight the simplicity.

Proximity based services:
Thanks to our proximity to our customers we can provide a support on site at a very short notice if necessary. For less urgent problems we have the invaluable help of remote access software VNC or its open source equivalent TightVNC.



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